Our Positive Behaviour in Schools system is proving to be very popular at RCC, with many of our students displaying and implementing positive behaviours and reaping the benefit with literally thousands of “Roley stickers” being awarded and handed out.

Each time a student fills a sheet with stickers, they get to either pick a prize immediately or bank it to save the sheets for a more significant prize from our cabinet in the front office.

Last term, we also had our first random prize draw with two students receiving a pick of the majority of the prizes available. The winners were Alice Green (Year 1) and Kiarna Gallagher (Year 4).

                                                            1                       2

Congratulations to those girls and to all of our students who have been doing the right thing at the College because it is the right thing to do.

RCC has some very dedicated teachers who are working hard to help our College reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible, as well as lift our cultural awareness through activities and teaching programmes.

Sustainability Team

  • Blayne Leo-Smith (Chair)
  • Mark Brookes
  • Kellie Brophy

Cultural Collective Group

  • Melissa Wolfenden (Chair)
  • Narelle Brookes
  • Keaton Brown
  • Rachel Crane
  • Francine Crocker
  • Jasmine Hill
  • Jane Slater
  • Ally Warren
  • Karen West
  • Karen Wishart

 One Voice  This year the wonderful ‘One Big Voice’ Choral Festival is expected to go ahead on Friday 20 August at the RAC Arena with an opportunity for our students in Years 4 - 6!


The festival aims 'to have as many young people as possible singing positive, uplifting, life affirming songs'. This year will be the 21st year of the event.

So to encourage our students to have a go, our fantastic Music Specialist Teacher Jane Slater, will be holding rehearsals, every Monday and Friday between 8:40 am - 9:00 am in the Music room, with rehearsals continuing up until the concert on 20 August. Students are encouraged to make a commitment to attend the rehearsals each week until the big event.

To find out more information about the festival visit the One Big Voice website: https://onebigvoice.com.au or contact Mrs Slater via her email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This term, the Year 9 and 10 Music Elective students participated in a hip hop song writing workshop with Australian performer and song writer, JohniePee (JP).


Students were introduced to the elements of song writing and taught how to apply them to create their own lyric ideas.

Thank you to Armed for Life for working with our Music Specialist Jane Slater in creating and providing this opportunity for our students.

Check out what our students thought!

What I liked most about the workshop was that we got to learn how to make a rap and meet JohniePee in person.’
‘I loved the 1 hour we had making and constructing music.’
‘What I liked most about the workshop was the fact that it was fun and we got to choose what we were doing.’
‘I liked making rap songs about my peers!’
‘I liked the funny parts he would add to the rap and the funny parts the boys made.’
‘This was an enjoyable experience, making and creating rap songs.’
‘This was a great experience that I would like to do again.’
‘I liked how it was entertaining and I liked what he taught us.’
‘I liked that he was handing out stickers and CD's.’
‘JP was extremely nice and worked well with all the kids in our class. It was quite a nice experience for me and I would say I most enjoyed it.’

Great endorsements indeed and RCC can’t wait for our first hip hop and rap crew making it big!

RCC was extremely fortunate this year to be able to hold its ANZAC service on Friday 23 April, in the first week of Term 2, as all services in WA were subsequently cancelled due to the COVID three-day lockdown.
Here at the college, we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day for our very special ANZAC assembly which was attended by staff, our students from Years 1 – 10, veterans and serving members of our forces, Parliamentarians and many community members.
We also had many of our students representing their special community groups – Girls Brigade, Scouts, Cubs, Army and Fire Cadets and of course our own RCC Bushranger Cadets.
All were invited to lay a wreath, with the recognition of all past and present Service Men and Women, and in particular the contribution of Indigenous Australians to conflict and peacekeeping missions recognised through student readings, choir items and Navy and Army Service personnel guest speakers.
The respect shown by everyone to the proceedings and speakers was another proud moment at RCC.
Our thanks to Associate Principal Karen West for organizing and running this very special Anzac commemoration.

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