College Board Members


Mr Scott Mosey


Mr Mark Brookes

Executive Officer

Mrs Verna Splatt


Mr Lionel Cranenburgh

Ms Caroline Wielinga

Mr Bob Fitzpatrick

Mrs Wendy Scott


Mrs Kellie Brophy

Mrs Sherlye Ancliffe

Mrs Jessica Ashboth

Mr Steven Wolfenden


Mr Barclay Jones

Ms Renee Milner



Our college board has reached the end of its tenure. RCC thanks the members of the previous college board for their service to the school. They have provided an excellent service to the college and helped guide future directions.
In order to form the new board, RCC is calling for nominations for six (6) parent representatives on the college board. The tenure for these positions will be three (3) years. Parent members of the board bring their experience as parents at the school and context of the wider school community.
Parents may be nominated by another member of the community or may self-nominate.
Nominations should be on the official form and accompanied by a short candidate profile of no more than 150 words. A photograph may be presented but this is optional. Forms should be either emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or handed into administration before the closing date and time.


Applications close at close of business (3:30 pm) Thursday 17 December 2020.
Should there be more than five (5) applicants, an election will be held.
Prior to announcement of successful nominees, all parent members are required to meet the requirement of a National Police History Check. Parents that are successful will be contacted to complete this process prior to announcement of successful nominees.


The Function of the College Board is to...

  • Taking part in establishing and reviewing the College's objectives, priorities and general policies including constructing the Ethos, Vision, Mission and Values statements for the College;

  • Taking part in the planning of financial arrangements necessary to fund the College's objectives, priorities and general policy direction;

  • Taking part in the evaluation of the College's performance in achieving its objectives, priorities and general policy directions;

  • Approving certain charges, contributions advertising and sponsorship agreements;

  • Taking part in formulating a Code of Conduct for the Students, Staff, Families and Visitors attending the College;

  • Determining the College's Dress Code in consultation with the Students, their Parents and the Staff of the College, when they are attending or representing the College;

  • Providing advice to the Principal on religious education and related activities;

  • Promoting the College in the community;


The Board does not...

  • Manage or interfere with the day to day running and operations of the school;

  • Discuss individual issues relating to teachers, staff or parents;

  • Represent specific interest groups, or permit special interest groups to dominate the agenda of the Board or P & C Association;

  • Intervene in the educational instruction of students;

  • Borrow money or obtain funds;

  • Purchase property; or

  • Performance manage the Principal or any other Department of Education employee.



Not to be confused with the P&C Association. More on the P&C here.


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